1. Lori

    So glad I just stumbled upon your post! I just found a motherlode of Velcro Food at a rummage sale last weekend, and now I have more ideas on how to use it!

  2. Julie

    Hi, Tracy! I am really loving your blog. I was wondering if you ever have children, particularly our little friends who are on or suspected to be on the spectrum, who just kind of “wig out” for lack of better words with these kinds of toys? I know I’ve pulled out my beloved Velcro pizza more than once and the child just wanted to throw the pieces and got very frustrated. I guess it is just too above their level or maybe that they have a very limited repertoire of toys that they like. Thanks!

  3. Nancy Bowen

    Love your blog Tracy!! Now I’m on the hunt for Velcro food while looking for tableclothes for JFP! The Joy Fund Project.

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